Helping Families Along the Southern Border

For refugee families torn from one another along the United States’ southern border, what happens when the detention camp door opens after a long and terrible wait? As a nonprofit, nonpartisan, immigrant-focused organization, FWD.us knows the long, difficult journey many families face is not over yet.


For those already traumatized by violence at home, there has been a fresh round of brutality once they cross into the United States, with family members separated and parents detained away from their children, often going for weeks or months with no word of each other’s welfare. Now, as their detention ends, they must pick up the pieces, find far-flung relatives, manage asylum processes, and try to make their way to safe, stable places they can call home.

After a crisis of its own making, the U.S. government response reveals a system as disorganized as it is overwhelmed.

That is why it is critical that advocates like FWD.us and its partners are there to help, tackling the painstaking work and logistics involved in helping new arrivals find relatives spread across states and systems and access legal services that can help them manage asylum claims with care, compassion and respect.


The group collaborates with public and private partners—including corporations like Uber and United Airlines—to ease people’s way along these last legs of their long journeys, when they often find themselves dropped at a bus station with little assistance in finding where to go or how to get there. These basic dignities are the least we can offer those who come to America seeking refuge, as so many families have done before them since this country began. Fwd.us and its partners also aid families in accessing often-scarce legal services to help them take the next step forward on their journey to safety and stability.