Creating Equity in Voting Systems

After the 2011 redistricting process North Carolina was one of the most gerrymandered states in the country. In 2019, Mountain Philanthropies supported the National Redistricting Foundation (NRF), Common Cause and the law firm Arnold & Porter in litigation that successfully overturned gerrymandered maps in the State for the United States House of Representatives and both chambers of the General Assembly.

Partisan gerrymandering in North Carolina was so extreme that it effectively predetermined which party would control the legislature before any votes were cast. This kind of map manipulation increases polarization and frustrates citizens who feel like their vote doesn’t count and their government doesn’t represent their views. In each case, the plaintiffs — voters whose rights have been harmed by extreme partisan gerrymandering — successfully argued the manipulated electoral maps violate the North Carolina Constitution.

Because of the successful litigation, the people of North Carolina will finally vote within maps not drawn to favor one party. State citizen will now truly have the opportunity to choose their representatives.

The National Redistricting Foundation and partners have filed successful litigation in North Carolina, Virginia, Mississippi, and elsewhere to prevent and reverse gerrymandering, and in turn protecting the voting power of the American people. By dismantling unfair electoral maps and eliminating structural barriers that prevent people from choosing the candidates of their choice, these organizations are working to restore the American people’s faith in our representative democracy.