Changing Policies and Minds in Criminal Justice

The Justice Collaborative brings together lawyers, journalists, policy experts and media professionals with a commitment to criminal justice reform. Launched in February 2017, the organization supplies deep legal, policy, and communications expertise to empower and support those pushing for reform. The Justice Collaborative also provides research and context to reporters, educates policymakers, and crafts and implements policy solutions to reduce mass incarceration and reform the criminal justice system.

[Justice Collaborative] provides timely news and incisive analysis aimed at unpacking the causes of mass incarceration in this country, as well as the policy solutions with the best chances of fixing them.

The work of the Justice Collaborative takes a variety of forms. With a daily newsletter and weekly political report, the group unpacks the causes of mass incarceration in this country, identifies who is accountable, and details policy solutions that have the best chance of fixing the problem. The group’s policy work focuses at the local and state levels to help newly elected sheriffs, district attorneys and other officials evaluate, implement and communicate about policy and practice changes in their communities. This hands-on work is made possible by the organization’s deep bench of legal expertise, as well as funding support from philanthropic partners.


As a new entity, the Justice Collaborative seeks to supplement, not supplant, the work of local and national advocacy groups on the ground. This may mean drafting a model policy, providing talking points or a backgrounder for local actors or journalists, or bringing important stakeholders and validators together to drive change. Though it is a young organization, the Justice Collaborative has already sparked major change in the field of criminal justice.