Partnering for change

Mountain Philanthropies works with organizations that pursue equity and social justice in our country and around the world. Funded organizations are often working with disenfranchised people: migrants, women, at-risk youth, and victims of racial and political injustice, seeking to restore and amplify their voices.

A sample of the evolving work of grantees includes:

Voting and Civic Participation

Focus: Restoring, protecting and activating all voices in U.S. democracy.

Investments include efforts that maximize enfranchisement, activate voters, protect the right to vote, and promote fair redistricting, with grantees such as the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, the National Redistricting Foundation, and the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights.

Criminal Justice Reform

Focus: Advancing equity for people historically disenfranchised and negatively impacted by a system too often skewed by antiquated policies, race, and social and economic status.

Investments encourage reform minded leaders and policies across American prosecutor, judicial, police and sheriff systems, a special focus on restoration of voting rights for the formerly incarcerated, and targeted support to in-State organizations promoting justice reform across these topics. Grantees include Fwd.US, the Center for Policing Equity, The Justice Collaborative, Color of Change, VOTE Louisiana, and Forward Justice.


Climate Change

Focus: Helping to fill surprising gaps in the global fight against climate change.

Investments focus on helping Heavy Industry take specific actions to reduce emissions (seven ‘hard to abate’ industries account for one third of all emissions), seeding new and more aggressive citizen action movements in the U.S., supporting the better use of climate data we already have, and resourcing actionable legal and policy strategies to prepare for inevitable mass climate migration.

Grantees include the World Economic Forum’s ‘Mission Possible’ Initiative, the Harnessing Plants Initiative at the Salk Institute, and CalTech’s Climate Modeling Alliance (CliMA).

Forced Migration

Focus: Humanitarian and legal services for the most vulnerable refugees globally and asylum seekers at the U.S./Mexico border, and scaling grassroots fundraising intermediaries that resource small and front-line nonprofits helping these people in places governments and large nonprofits can not or will not go.

Supported groups include the International Refugee Assistance Project, Help Refugees / Choose Love, Fwd.US Border Response Fund, and Refugees International.